Climbing Mountains

Great Basin National Park

“Great seeing you again! I hiked the Great Basin National Park in Nevada for four days the week after meeting you and it was challenging. First, I don’t think I could have made the hikes without you correctly diagnose my problem and treating it within an hour!! Secondly, you saved me time and money vs visiting my regular doctor who would have sent me to more tests and possibly ordinary PT.  On the last day we did a tough hike to the peak on the right in the picture.  At times the slopes were near 45 degrees with sharp rocks and big penalties for falling! I have continued my self-treating based on your recommendations and it is working! I can’t thank you enough for your insights in diagnosing my issue and immediately treating it.

Thank you!”

– BJ Heggli

Co-Treatment MFR Sessions

Self Solace Physical Therapy, Inc is pleased to announce that we are  offering co-treatment sessions!  We are offering this special experience March 1st!  Treatment times are9:00, 10:00, 12:00 and 1:00.

This is a rare opportunity for your body to receive JFB Myofascial Release from two highly gifted therapists at the same time.  Mya Swan, PT, DPT and Kimberly Whipple, PTA, LMT will treat your body in the most powerful and unique way, reaching into your fascial web in different directions, angels, levels of support, with different techniques that can only be done with 4 hands at one time.  Allow us to take you on a journey with our own unique perspectives and therapeutic gifts focused on addressing your specific needs and goals.

Co-treatments tend to fill fast so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot.

Please call 480-345-7778 or email  for more details and to schedule your appointment.

MFR Self Treatment Class Series

Does anyone else feel like time just keeps slipping away?  Did you mean to start this new year off right but already had a few set backs or lack of motivation for some real change?  Now is the time.


Do not miss out on the next series of Myofascial Release Self Treatment Classes!

After completing this series of courses one time, you will have
all of the tools and knowledge about the fascial system and how best to take care of your body on your own at home.  You are always welcome to bring a friend or loved one and to repeat classes.  Repetition allows for deeper understanding and is always recommended.

Instead of asking you to dedicate one hour a week for four weeks I am offering all classes on the same day.  Come and enjoy a half day workshop/retreat of learning about your body and how best to take care of it.

Class dates:
February 22, 2019


March 22, 2019

Space is limited… call (480)345-7778 or email to reserve your place today!

Kimberly Whipple PTA, MT

Self Solace Physical Therapy is proud to announce the return of Kimberly Bosen now Kimberly Whipple PTA, MT!

Kimberly is a great addition to Self Solace Physical Therapy providing you with an extra option to meet your physical therapy goals.  She will be available at a discounted rate of $105 for a one hour treatment session.  She will expand the schedule offering appointments on Fridays from 7am-3:30pm.  We are scheduling now for February 22 and beyond.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to experience her healing touch and allow her skills to resonate with your body.


Kimee loves to learn, especially in the pursuit of knowledge to help
her to help others. From a very young age, she has had a love and
interest in using her hands to bless the lives of others. She graduated
from The Sedona School of Massage and has been a Licensed Massage
Therapist for over nine years as well as an Infant Massage Instructor.
She has been able to take many courses with John F. Barnes to learn
myofascial release (MFR) and was hooked from the first class she took.
She knew this would be a part of her journey to help others. She has
seen miracles in her own life as well as others using John’s approach to
MFR.  She has always had a love for areas of women’s health,
particularly perinatal, prenatal, and postpartum periods. She is a
Certified Midwifery Assistant, has trained as a doula, and has taken and
is taking courses to continue to learn and grow in this area.
It was upon learning about John’s women’s health approach that Kimee
pursued an education in physical therapy, so she could treat and help
women. Kimee completed her Physical Therapy Assistant Program
at Pima Medical Institute.


Two and a half years.

That is how long I have been listening to the air duct in my bedroom make a loud noise.

The first year I waited for my then husband to fix it. I knew that it bothered him. I thought surely it would bother him more than it bothered me and he would be motivated to do something about it. So I waited.

The second year I was too busy dealing with divorce and death and taking care of the more urgent “noises” screaming for my attention in my life. Between the house and my business and the children there were many other noises that needed my attention.

So the air duct noise got louder and louder. Or the other noise from life got quieter and quieter. Making the air duct noise seem louder. Until it was standing at the forefront. Affecting my precious sleep. Annoying me.

Triggering fear…. I didn’t want to open yet another Pandora box of expense. If I called a professional A/C company how could I know who to trust, not only in my house but in my bedroom. What if they told me it was a Johnson rod of the A/C system that would require a full over-haul of every duct in the house? How would I know if I was being taken?

Requiring me to make another decision. About what I could fix myself and what I needed a professional to do for me. When to say I can’t do this myself, I need help.

So I spent several more months staring, ok glaring, at the a/c duct high up on my vaulted ceiling. The unconscious maneuver of placing a pillow over my ear as I slept to block the noise in the night became my new going to sleep protocol as I drifted off. And then one night I had a realization. What if my alone status doesn’t turn out to be forever? What if I do actually find a partner? And what if that love of my life, heaven forbid, snores? And what if this time of alone is the only good quiet sleep I will get? Do I really want to use it trying to block out the noise of an a/c vent that sounds like one constant snore? I know it is silly but it is true. While I very well could live the rest of my life alone, I also very well could not. This awareness prompted me to do what any normal, rational, frugal, single woman would do…. I googled how to fix a noisy a/c duct. (How the hell did single women survive before Google??)

My search led me to an article that recommended opening the vent to investigate what was inside, claiming that a dirty duct could make a rattling noise. So I hauled my ginormous ladder up the stairs and into my room. Encouraged 🙂 my 13 year old son to help me open and extend it and then stand nearby to catch me if I fell. Climbed the ladder and used my power drill (that’s right, I am always looking for an excuse to use power tools) to unscrew the first screw. And then, half way through unscrewing the second screw, the craziest thing happened. That noise. The one that has been torturing me for 2.5 years. Stopped.

I didn’t even have to open the vent. And the noise was gone. I didn’t even unscrew both screws. And the noise was gone.

I made my son listen to the silence. I made my daughter come upstairs and listen to the silence. I called my best friend to tell her this silly story, and explain the significance of this new silence, that I was able to create with the twist of a few small screws.

And then I did what any normal JFB myofascial release, whole body approach, physical therapist would do. I made a connection between this experience and the work that I do on the human body every day.

Patients come to me, not usually when their body’s have a small vibration of dysfunction, but instead when the “noise” is so loud that it is screaming above all of the other things that life is throwing at them. Maybe first, they also wait for someone else to fix the problem. And maybe they continue on, putting out other fires or dealing with other noises until those noises are dealt with and the noise of their body is now able to be heard. Or maybe the noise of their body gets so loud it rises above all of the other challenges that they are facing. Often they have sought out other home remedies, professional services, and google searches before finding me/ John Barnes Myofascial Release.

I use John Barnes Myofascial Release to feel for and release restrictions within the human body. As I do it changes the alignment of everything, which also changes the movement and even the subtlest vibrations of the body. Unscrewing one and a half screws on my vent cover reminded me of gently nudging the body into alignment, for example releasing the fascia around the sacrum causing it to move ever so slightly, affecting the alignment of the pelvis, coccyx, and back. Sometimes the most subtle change within the body can create the most profound results.

Changing the alignment of the vent cover resulting in such a dramatic change in the vibration going through the vent made me think of the things that I have treated that are so obviously, to me, vibration related. For example, I have had people report a change in their tinnitus (ringing in their ears) after a treatment session where I came nowhere near their upper body, let alone their ears. “Tweaking” other parts of their body somehow created a change that resulted in the ringing in their ears to go away completely. Just as I had no idea unscrewing the vent cover would change the vibration of the a/c, when I was working to create alignment in other areas of their body I didn’t realize it would change their tinnitus.

We are vibratory beings. Every restriction carries a different density which effects the vibration in specific isolated areas or the body as a whole. In a way pain might be seen, detected, or felt as a vibration. Changing the system can change the vibration. And just like sound, the pain can stop. Gradually or suddenly. But it can stop.

Taking two and a half years to tweak one little thing to make something so annoying go away completely reminds me of the many patients over the years that have said in astonishment, “My pain is gone. Do you realize I have dealt with that pain for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years and now it’s gone. How is that possible? You barely did anything! And it’s GONE.”

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not always the case. I’m not saying JFB MFR is a quick fix. It is not. Sometimes it takes time to release all of the layers of restriction before you can even come close to the part that needs the subtle, or not so subtle shift, in order to affect change. Just as I had no idea that unscrewing one and a half screws would stop the noise without actually having to take the cover off, I don’t know what layers, torque, or release needs to occur to result in a change in the persons symptoms. I don’t know the details of the process or the depth of the issue. But when the noise is loud enough for the patient to be willing to investigate and create a change, then so am I. No matter how long it has been.

Did you hear? We’ve moved!

To the…..

Right down the street at:

7560 Willow Drive

Tempe, Arizona 85283


There are times in life when you think you have had enough transition to last you a good while, and then you feel laughter from above and more transition in the air.  I am very grateful for the space that I created and worked from at 51 W. Elliot road for many, many years, but when multiple signs continued to show me the way, I knew that it was time to move my place of business to new healing grounds.  Which turned out to be just down the road.

Our new blank slate was ready to be filled….

In true Annette fashion the move turned into a family affair.  Her amazing husband Matt saved the day and her son Zach arrived just in time to lend a hand.  We made sure to bubble wrap him with care so that he could return to his football career unscathed.

The Rueda children made sure all measurement tools were used one last time before moving to their new home.  Which was especially important since Diego and I were going head to head in a who is taller family competition.

I suspect the measurement official was bribed.  My first born cannot be taller than me.  My demands for a re-measure did not change the official results.

So we went to work testing our strength, and the capacity of our current ride.

Luckily I have some very strong helpers.

And because moving all of my business possessions wasn’t fun enough, Annette’s sweet husband Matt also saved the day by assembling furniture!  With his little helpers, of course.

We called out for help to fill the walls that surround our sacred healing space with goals and intentions.  And the words flooded in.  These special seeds were planted with care before the wall was completed.

So without further adieu we present…

Room 1….

and Room 2…

We are ready for YOU. 

Spotlighting YOUR MFR Success

I believe when we focus on the good it allows the good to get bigger in ourselves and in others.  John Barnes often encourages his patients to kick the pebble that starts the avalanche.  It may be my Alaska roots but I visualize it like a tiny snowflake joining with others, becoming a snowball, picking up size and speed, rolling down a hill and creating an avalanche.  A big huge avalanche of good.  Of healing.  I believe that in sharing your personal successes, you can allow that good to grow within your body and you can inspire success in others.

I am creating this space for you.  And for all that you are willing to inspire by sharing your success.

You may view your success as too small of a snowflake to mention.  Or too big of an avalanche to be believed.  But I encourage you to be brave and share those successes.  You simply don’t know what you will inspire in others or in yourself.

So whether your success is being able to bend over and tie your shoes for the first time in months.  Or being able to go on that European trip you’ve been planning your whole life for, pain free.  We want to hear from you!!

Please send us an email of your successes so we can shine a spotlight on you!

November Classes

November classes are just around the corner.  They will be held on Monday evenings at 6pm starting on November 7th.  This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to care for your body during these hectic holiday times and throughout the whole year.


Final Co-Treatment Dates of 2016

Self Solace Physical Therapy, Inc. and The Heart Space are proud to present another opportunity for total body JFB Myofascial Release.

Our next co-treatment dates are:

November 18

December 16

Four hands, two hearts, all focused on your healing.

Call or email for details and to reserve your appointment.