Back to School with MFR Classes….

classphoto.pngCan you feel it?  Back to school time?  Even if you don’t have children the excitement is in the air (possibly mostly from parents, but still).  New beginnings.  New learnings.  New seasons for growth.

And it is time for all of those things for YOU as well.  I am launching another series of MFR classes designed specifically for you, regardless of if you are a complete novice or expert to this work.  My classes are detailed below.  They are a great way to enhance your knowledge and kick start or revive your home exercise program.

It is a super financial deal in that it allows me to pour a ton of information and practical self treatment ideas into you without taking time from your regular treatment session.

You do not have to be a patient to attend.  So if you have friends or loved ones that have an interest in myofascial release or have never heard of MFR but are interested in a better way to take care of their bodies, they are more than welcome.

You do not want to miss out on this rare opportunity.  Class sizes are limited and will fill fast. 
Myofascial Release Self Treatment Classes

1) Introduction to John Barnes Myofascial Release
This class is designed to help you understand your fascial system and why this total body system is so very important to you.  You will be guided through the fascial system in a way that will help you to see what fascia looks like, how it functions, and how to care for it.

2) Myofascial Stretching
This class will change the way that you view stretching.  It will teach you how to stretch in a more gentle, knowledgeable, and intuitive way.  You will learn to stretch with confidence and intention.

3) On the ball and other MFR tools 
This class is designed to teach you how to use specific tools that can help enhance your self Myofascial Release home treatment program.

4) All together now

This class will pull together all of the information from the previous 3 classes and help you to experience what your daily home exercise  program can look and feel like.

After completing this series of courses one time, you will have all of the tools and knowledge about the fascial system and how best to take care of your body on your own at home.  You are always welcome to repeat classes as this allows for deeper understanding and is always recommended.

Prices: $40 per individual class or $160 for the entire series of 4 classes (half price to repeat)
*When 2 or more register together $30 per person or $120 per person for entire series. 

Class details
Class 1 and 2: Friday August 11 10-12:30
Class 3 and 4: Friday August 25 10-12:30

Space is limited…call (480)345-7778 or email to reserve your place today!


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