SSPT Welcomes Kimberly Bosen!!!


Kimberly (Kimee) Bosen is the middle of identical triplets and was born up in the beautiful white mountains of Eagar, Arizona. Kimee was raised by wonderful parents who taught her virtuous principles, morals, integrity, and how to work hard from a very young age. These attributes have helped Kimee throughout her life. She worked hard in school, in all her activities, and sports. These efforts paid off and helped her receive academic and athletic scholarships to pay her way through a degree in Exercise Physiology and Leisure Science at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado. She was 12 x All-American and 3 x National Champion collegiately in Track and Cross-Country.

Kimee loves to learn, especially in the pursuit of knowledge to help her to help others. From a very young age, she has had a love and interest in using her hands to bless the lives of others. She graduated from The Sedona School of Massage and has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over nine years as well as an Infant Massage Instructor. She has been able to take many courses with John F. Barnes to learn myofascial release (MFR) and was hooked from the first class she took. She knew this would be a part of her journey to help others. She has seen miracles in her own life as well as others using John’s approach to MFR.  She has always had a love for areas of women’s health, particularly perinatal, prenatal, and postpartum periods. She is a Certified Midwifery Assistant, has trained as a doula, and has taken and is taking courses to continue to learn and grow in this area.

It was upon learning about John’s women’s health approach that Kimee pursued an education in physical therapy, so she could treat and help women. Kimee has just completed her Physical Therapy Assistant Program at Pima Medical Institute. She has been blessed to know Mya for several years and is grateful to begin a journey of MFR with such an amazing and talented therapist. She will practice MFR under her massage license until she is licensed upon passing the National Boards Exam (NPTAE) in July.