Did you hear? We’ve moved!

To the…..

Right down the street at:

7560 Willow Drive

Tempe, Arizona 85283


There are times in life when you think you have had enough transition to last you a good while, and then you feel laughter from above and more transition in the air.  I am very grateful for the space that I created and worked from at 51 W. Elliot road for many, many years, but when multiple signs continued to show me the way, I knew that it was time to move my place of business to new healing grounds.  Which turned out to be just down the road.

Our new blank slate was ready to be filled….

In true Annette fashion the move turned into a family affair.  Her amazing husband Matt saved the day and her son Zach arrived just in time to lend a hand.  We made sure to bubble wrap him with care so that he could return to his football career unscathed.

The Rueda children made sure all measurement tools were used one last time before moving to their new home.  Which was especially important since Diego and I were going head to head in a who is taller family competition.

I suspect the measurement official was bribed.  My first born cannot be taller than me.  My demands for a re-measure did not change the official results.

So we went to work testing our strength, and the capacity of our current ride.

Luckily I have some very strong helpers.

And because moving all of my business possessions wasn’t fun enough, Annette’s sweet husband Matt also saved the day by assembling furniture!  With his little helpers, of course.

We called out for help to fill the walls that surround our sacred healing space with goals and intentions.  And the words flooded in.  These special seeds were planted with care before the wall was completed.

So without further adieu we present…

Room 1….

and Room 2…

We are ready for YOU.