Spotlighting YOUR MFR Success

I believe when we focus on the good it allows the good to get bigger in ourselves and in others.  John Barnes often encourages his patients to kick the pebble that starts the avalanche.  It may be my Alaska roots but I visualize it like a tiny snowflake joining with others, becoming a snowball, picking up size and speed, rolling down a hill and creating an avalanche.  A big huge avalanche of good.  Of healing.  I believe that in sharing your personal successes, you can allow that good to grow within your body and you can inspire success in others.

I am creating this space for you.  And for all that you are willing to inspire by sharing your success.

You may view your success as too small of a snowflake to mention.  Or too big of an avalanche to be believed.  But I encourage you to be brave and share those successes.  You simply don’t know what you will inspire in others or in yourself.

So whether your success is being able to bend over and tie your shoes for the first time in months.  Or being able to go on that European trip you’ve been planning your whole life for, pain free.  We want to hear from you!!

Please send us an email of your successes so we can shine a spotlight on you!

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