Standing Tall 

Did you know that patients who receive JFB Myofascial Release often leave feeling taller because they actually are taller?  When the crushing tensile pressures of myofascial restrictions are removed, when posture is normalized, when pain or tightness is no longer weighing you down, in addition to many other great benefits, you may find yourself standing taller!   I do realize that I should not be the spokeswoman on tallness, but I’m telling you it is true.  

Did you also know that most JFB Myofascial Release Therapists support each other?  We are a community of therapists that recognize that what we offer is greatly needed.  We typically are not competitive like most other businesses are.  My dear friends Peter and Ania Podbielski, owners of Complete Physical Therapy, gifted me this awesome measurement tool.   Thank you Peter and Ania! 🙂

Wherever you live, whomever you are, I hope that you will consider going to a JFB trained therapist, and allow your body to let go of whatever is holding you down, so that you too can stand tall at your full height! 

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