Group Treatment Sessions

Self Solace Physical Therapy, Inc. is proud to present….


Group Treatment Sessions

This treatment session allows for yourself and 3 other participants to experience John Barnes Myofascial Release in a most unique way.  You will be both receiving and giving treatment during this one hour session.  You will be supported and guided by 8 additional hands (the other 3 participants and the therapist) when it is your turn to receive.  You will learn how to hold space for another as you support them in their healing journey.

Each group treatment session will have a different focus: unwinding, rebounding, and structural Myofascial Release.  These are three very distinct and highly effective ways to address the fascial system.

Prerequisite: Mya’s Myofascial Release Self Treatment Classes or JFB Myofascial Healing Seminar or MFR1

Price: $60 per person

Space is limited…call (480)345-7778 or email to reserve your place today!







51 W Elliot Rd., Ste 105 Tempe, AZ 85284                                               480.345.7778

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