The Essence of Becoming—A Journey

I would like to share with you some very beautiful and powerful words gifted to me by Kimberly Bosen…..


The Essence of Becoming—A Journey

The Essence of Becoming is solely that—A Journey!
This journey may be likened to the growth of a tree.
Seeds of divinity are sown by the great Gardner and He knows precisely the kind of tree each seed is to become.
He provides the soil, sun, water, as well as the pruning and all the nourishment needed.
A seed soon begins to sprout and grasp the earth beneath and stretch towards the blue sky above.
As the tree grows stronger, its roots thrust under the earth.
Soon branches begin to spring up and stretch ever upward:

Branches of love Branches of anger
Branches of faith Branches of fear, doubt, worry
Branches of calmness Branches of anxiety
Branches of hope Branches of distrust
Branches of strength Branches of weakness
Branches of goodness Branches of sin
Branches of joy, happiness, cheer Branches of grief
Branches of kindness Branches of hurt
Branches of determination and perseverance Branches of pain
Branches of gifts and talents Branches of perfectionism
Branches of giving and service Branches of reaction

As seen in this journey of becoming, there are many kinds of branches blooming and bringing forth fruits in their seasons.
At times it seems overwhelming and the bad branches are overtaking the good.
The tree just wants the Gardner to cut off ALL the bad and burn them, so only the good remain.
Ahh! Yes….perfectionism!
The wise Gardner in His omniscience knows perfectionism = destructionism.
He knows if He were to pluck out ALL the bad ALL AT ONCE, the roots would not be strong enough, and the tree would perish.
He has a better plan:
Through faith and love He grafts in new branches:

Branches of awareness Branches of empowerment with choice
Branches of acceptance Branches of trust
Branches of courage Branches of creation
Branches of letting go Branches of self-love
Branches of listening Branches of memories
Branches of more guidance Branches of responding
Branches of more knowledge Branches of understanding
Branches of gratitude Branches of peace

As the tree grows stronger the grafts take hold and slowly the bad branches are plucked, one at a time; in His time.

The struggles are what give the roots and tree strength.
The opposition in the branches is needed to grow, learn, and give opportunity for the new branches to be grafted in to become the beautiful tree.
Branching out in gratitude for the Essence of Becoming—A Journey!

By: Kimberly Bosen



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